In a recent Tedx talk, Dr. Mike Haynie discuss “The Moral Obligation To Know Our Veterans.”  He tells a story of a conversation on a plane where a Vet “Tim” says he feels anonymous.  Dr. Haynie asks, “Why is Tim anonymous?” and responds “We have disconnected the cost and consequences of war from all of you (referring to his audience).”  He continues by explaining that many Veterans feel anonymous because the burden of 12 years of ways has fallen on .5% of the population.    Check out a great article from Blue Star Families.

As Chaplains, it is important to know those whom we serve and hear their stories.

It is important to understand their hurts, hopes, and dreams.

As Chaplains, we are called to connect the many “Tim’s” who we encounter with a God who knows him or her.

  • How will we as Chaplains help to heal the soul our our Military?

Many Soldiers, Families and Veterans feel anonymous.
Find a way to know them, love them, and help them: It’s our Moral Obligation!

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