Truth Through Personality

“Truth through personality” is how Phillips Brooks defined preaching at the Yale lectures in 1876.  Brooks made a connection between the preacher and the preached word.  

What does this look like in your preaching?

Take a look from the grounds of Trinity Church in Boston and remember his legacy.

Find Your Voice. . .Make Your Point!

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Preaching to the Unconvinced


Preaching-to-the-Unconvinced-Vince-Antonucci-ebook-Cover-Square72Christians believe, want to know God’s Word and come eager to hear your preaching. Non-Christians don’t believe, aren’t that interested in God’s Word, but sometimes end up in your services. So how do you preach to the unconvinced? How do you destroy the negative stereotypes they have about God, the church, and you as the preacher? And how do you help them to have ears to hear what God has to say to them? This eBook from church planter Vince Antonucci is divided into seven practical principles Antonucci has found to be critical and effective in preaching to the unconvinced. With each principle, he offers helpful examples of how he puts them into action, as well as inspiring real-life stories of how the unconvinced have become convinced.

Key highlights:

  • Seven proven principles for preaching to the unconvinced
  • Strategies for busting stereotypes of pastors, churches and
  • How to evaluate and use your preaching to create a safe place
    for the unconvinced
  • How to creatively use culture to build bridges
  • How to anticipate and proactively respond to questions and
  • How to tell a story and present Jesus as the hero

 Free eBook

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What’s Your Calling? (Part 4)

As you explore your calling, How is God speaking to you?

Where does God’s Purpose and your Passion come together?

Is there a difference between being called to be a fisher of men and one who feeds sheep?

A focused metaphor will help clarify your calling.

What is the metaphor of your call?

More Free Graphics for your Chapel Service

resource-big-pictureWhere do you find graphics for use in your chapel services?

There are paid sites and you can create them yourself, but there are lots of free resources online that you can use as is or tweak for your specific use.  Sometimes it is hard as we work at an Army chapel to find professional graphics for our slides and use in promoting our services.  Many churches have staff that create material and want to encourage others by giving away their resources.  They use the graphics at their church and realize that they can be used by others.

Find Free announcement slides and series graphics from various graphic designers and churches.  Check out this article from church

What sites have you used for resources at your chapel?



St. Elijah’s Monastery (Pictures)

Photos taken in 2009 at Saint Elijah’s Monastery, Northern Iraq.

Also Check our video from (Click here)

Article from Smithsonian magazine (Click Here)


It Worked For Me by Colin Powell

it worked for me audio Colin Powell spoke at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this year and after hearing him speak, I picked up his book and accompanying audio version. Listening to It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership read by the author felt like I was sitting down with with Colin Powell talking about life over a cup of coffee.   The book starts with Powell’s 13 Rules and then moves through various personal reflective stories that teach, encourage, and inspire one to be a better leader.  Powell tells his formational stories in a humble, lighthearted way that entertains yet mentors one to be a better person and leader.

As a military leader, anyone of the forty-four chapters are worth the price of the book and the time it takes to go through it.  This book will stretch and encourage you to become a better leader.  If you have not reflected on Powell’s 13 rules they are worth thinking about.  Check out the video below as he explains the importance of rule #1 and #13.

The book is divided into 6 parts.

Part 1:  The Rules Powell discusses his 13 rules, how they came to be and a story or antidote associated each.

Part 2: Know Yourself, Be Yourself is autobiographical as Powell reflects on his life and personal experiences.

Part 3: Take Care of the Troops is about how leaders must care for their followers and set a positive example.

Part 4:  Fast Times in the Digital World is reflections of technology and media in government.  There is a very helpful chapter on doing new interviews.

Part 5:  Getting to 150 Percent Powell highlights principles of working with a team and the need for rest and perspective.

Part 6:  Reflections Powell concludes by discussing some events that are well known, some mistakes that he has made, things he would do different and various misc. encouraging stories.

 Check Colin Powell’s It Worked For Me out today.  You will be glad you did!

  • After you read the 13 rules which one stood out to you?
  • What are somethings you have learned from Colin Powell from this book or from other things you have heard or read?

5 Sites with Free Resources for Ministry

lightBelow are my Top 5 Picks for free Ministry resource sites.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

Open by Life Church  Find sermon ideas, series graphics and more on this site.

Church on the Move: Seeds This Church has provided videos, audio, and sermon series graphic for free download.  Free leader resources, articles, ebooks and more.

Elevation Church Resources  Various resources from past series that can be download for use in your ministry context.

Creation Swap  There are a variety of stock photos, sermon slides, and graphics that can be downloaded.

The best way to see what is out there is explore, I hope you find something helpful for use in your context!

  • Have you used any of these?
  • Do you have any that you would recommend?

David and Goliath: Malcom Gladwell

dgI just fished listening to the book,  David and Goliath:  Underdogs Misfits, and the art of Battling Giants  by Malcolm Gladwell.  I saw the his TED talk on the theme of  the book and was intrigued by the unique look at a familiar story.  So I downloaded the book from Audible and began to listen to and from work, commuting.  It captured my imagination.  I have read several of Gladwell’s books so I knew it would be good, but this one was surprising in the way I personality connected with the book.  Gladwell has a way of telling stories that connect.  He shares so many details and turns the angle on a story to show you something from a different perspective.  He has a way to open your mind to new understanding and inspire you in some way.

I was struck by one of the final chapters as he explained a clear contrast of law, justice, and payback verses the idea of grace and forgiveness.  Gladwell contrasted two riveting stories of parents who’s daughters were murdered and the different approach to dealing with grief and continuing in live.  The different perspectives each family took and how that effected healing was fascinating.

This book is a must read and has provoked and challenged my thinking.  It pushes the reader to rethink the notions that one has and begin to look at life and situations from a different angle.  Gladwell will compel you to look at a situation in a clearer more focused way.

Check out David and Goliath:  Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants today you won’t be disappointed!

  • Have you read the book or seen the TED Talk?
  • What did you think about them?
  • What was your favorite story or idea that was raised?


Intro To Social Media & The U.S. Army Social Media Handbook

Do you have a message that you want to bring to Soldiers and families.  Here is a video introduction and the United States Army Social Media Handbook.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

This video debuted in 2010 so the figures are a lot higher now.  However, I think it is a good intro to Social Media and how  the Army is trying to integrate and engage the conversation.

  • As a Chaplain how will you engage your audience online?
  • Are there sites and resources that have helped you to engage in the world of Social Media and provide Religious Support?
  • What areas do you use regularly? (Facebook, Twitter, linked in, Flicker or others)
  • What questions or advice so you have?

Download and read the United States Army Social Media Handbook (Here)

or check it out on slideshare

Custom Banners for Chapel Services

100_0550Often Chaplains have various places to hold and host services.  Over the years I have used custom banners for my chapel services both deployed and in garrison chapels.  The company I used to create various banners is Group Imaging.  They are able to create portable, professional, custom banners for any situation.  You can create themes for children’s ministry, coffee houses, chapel back drops.  They have been great to work with and I have been very satisfied with the product that I received.

I have made a Chapel in a box kit that I use for deployment and special occasion services.  I have deployed this kit twice to Iraq and several training exercises across the country.

Also they designed 6 large banners for use at Chapel Next, Ft. Campbell.  Proofs for the designs (Click Here)

There are various sign and banner companies that can create products for you so look around.

Things to look for are:

  • Quality
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Customizable or stock graphics

Another company that offers various stock designs is Outreach.  They have a large selection of predesigned products that could enhance your ministry.