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Chap Talk is about encouraging better preaching.  Have you read a book, heard a quote, seen a resource, attended a conference or class, seen a site or blog and learned something that might help me or others in our preaching?  Let us know!  Comment below or send a note so that we can continue to help each other in this preaching journey.  Also if you would like to write a post see the section Write for ChapTalk.com.  If you are learning something or have resources that you would like to share let me know.  We can get better together.


Welcome to ChapTalk.com


Chaplains In WWII

I am excited about launching this site dedicated to encouraging Chaplains in preaching and communication.  I often get asked this question by Soldiers, “Who do you go to when you need help?”  or “Hey Chaplain, who do you talk to when you need a Chaplain?  The question is usually posed by a Soldier after dealing with a difficult situation in the unit.  It is generally directed in a caring way and my answer varies depending on the situation.

Chaplains need to care for, encourage, and share resources with each other.

There are a lot of great resources out there for help that support ministry leaders.  I would like to share things that have been helpful to me that I think might be helpful to you aswell.   However the primary purpose of  this site is to encourage and strengthen Chaplain’s preaching.

ChapTalk.com is committed to encouraging and helping Chaplains communicate more effectively.  In order to be an effective preacher you must be yourself and you must be clear.  Each of us has been created with a unique calling, personality, and giftedness and you must lean into these and speak the truth you have to share.  In communication and preaching it is important not to copy another’s style, but to be yourself.  Phillip Brooks famously defines preaching as “Truth through personality.”  Preaching is an oral and communal act.  God uses an individual to speak a word from the Lord through the speaker’s unique situation, experience and context to that of the hearer’s.  My challenge is that you would find your voice.

Once you have found your voice, you must then, make your point.  Present your message with clarity.  Determine your central idea and support it.  Then create your message and present it.

My goal is to provide support, encouragement, and tools to foster more effective sermons.  Through blogs, links, podcasts, audio and video sermons and other resources.  ChapTalk.com’s goal is to provide help for the preaching journey.

My hope and prayer is that this site will be an encouragement to you in your preaching as you, Find your voice and make your point!

Keep Preaching,

Chaplain Brandon Moore