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resonate_multimedia2-1024x575Free interactive I Book from Nancy Duarte.

Resonate:  Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences.   Download Now! 


Like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands

It’s Digital, It’s Fantastic. It’s Free!
Resonate Multi-Touch Book is like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands as you prepare your next presentation. You’ll learn a new presentation development methodology informed by cinema, literature, and the greatest speeches of all time.

Learning these transformative principles in an immersive environment significantly helps your retention of how to:

Create your content in a story form
Understand the business case for story
Understand the Hero’s Journey — and apply it to your audience’s journey
Address an audience’s risk, resistance, and reward
Practice rapid brainstorming to generate content
Create out-of-the-box concepts and perspectives
Embed contrast to create interest through tension and release
Construct clear turning points
Establish audience empathy
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