Be Strong and Courageous E-book


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Be Strong and Courageous:  An anthology of sermons to warriors is a completion of war sermons and memorial messages.  It is a sample of the voices of comfort in the midst of war.

“This anthology captures the collective soul of chaplains who daily stand before soldiers engaged in combat and its aftermath. They are messages spoken on the battlefield and on the homefront, captured in worship services or at memorials, whispered in a soldier’s ear, or shouted above the din of a truck’s engine. They are words spoken to soldiers at an opportune time, reminding them that God is still present and still sovereign. They are often worlds of comfort and encouragement, of strength and hope; but they can also be words that address the immense struggle of the soul in the midst of pain or doubt.” — From the Foreword

This book was compiled and edited by Chaplain (Colonel) C. David Reese and published by the U.S, Army Chaplain Corps in 2012.  It has unlimited distribution, download your copy here.

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