Chaplain Journal on Preaching

Chaplain_LogoThe Army professional journal Fall-Summer 2010,

entitled Strengthening Army Communities though Ministries of Sacred Speech

The Former Chief of Chaplains MG Doug Carver writes,

Chaplains are called upon to communicate various messages in multiple contexts. We speak in briefings, during training events, in moments of religious education, in worship, and even to open or close a Battle Update Brief. Whatever the moment, God gives us the privilege to speak for him into the hearts of hearers around our Army. From a different angle, the context of sacred communication is often in those moments when the chaplain becomes the courier of a divine message from God to the pressing needs of a Soldier’s soul. Given the plethora of spiritual needs in the souls of our Soldiers during this era of enduring conflict, it is imperative that we maintain awareness of the power of our words in sacred communications and of the impact they have, positively or negatively, in the lives of those Soldiers and on the character of our Army communities.

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