Truth Through Personality

“Truth through personality” is how Phillips Brooks defined preaching at the Yale lectures in 1876.  Brooks made a connection between the preacher and the preached word.  

What does this look like in your preaching?

Take a look from the grounds of Trinity Church in Boston and remember his legacy.

Find Your Voice. . .Make Your Point!

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Preaching to the Unconvinced


Preaching-to-the-Unconvinced-Vince-Antonucci-ebook-Cover-Square72Christians believe, want to know God’s Word and come eager to hear your preaching. Non-Christians don’t believe, aren’t that interested in God’s Word, but sometimes end up in your services. So how do you preach to the unconvinced? How do you destroy the negative stereotypes they have about God, the church, and you as the preacher? And how do you help them to have ears to hear what God has to say to them? This eBook from church planter Vince Antonucci is divided into seven practical principles Antonucci has found to be critical and effective in preaching to the unconvinced. With each principle, he offers helpful examples of how he puts them into action, as well as inspiring real-life stories of how the unconvinced have become convinced.

Key highlights:

  • Seven proven principles for preaching to the unconvinced
  • Strategies for busting stereotypes of pastors, churches and
  • How to evaluate and use your preaching to create a safe place
    for the unconvinced
  • How to creatively use culture to build bridges
  • How to anticipate and proactively respond to questions and
  • How to tell a story and present Jesus as the hero

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