Best Year Ever for your Preaching

Best year everThe year has just started and chances are you have given up on some New Year’s resolutions. You have looked back and said, “January is over already?”

If someone were to tell you, “This year is going to be your best preaching year ever.”

  • What would have to change in the way you Plan, Prepare, and Preach for this to be TRUE? 

PLAN: How you decide what you are going to preach?

Pray for guidance as to what your congregation needs to hear and that God will form you as you plan to form them.

PREPARE:  How much time do you set aside for your sermon prep?

Have you tried anything new?  Is there something you could do differently to help with your preparation?

Read a new book on preaching or Bible study this year and implement something new in your sermon prep.

This year you could work with your peers or a preaching team as you prepare and encourage each other.

Take more time, if you have been working week to week, work out a few weeks and see how ideas flow as they marinate over the weeks before you preach.  This helps me to add more creativity and insight in my preaching.

PREACH:  When was the last time you got real feedback after your sermon?   Good football teams watch game films and are honest about the strengths and weaknesses of the game.  In the Army we do AARs or After Action Reviews.

How could you do a better job of sermon self-evaluation?

Ask for help.  Watch your sermon and be honest about what you see.  Check out Sermon Coach.

Make this year, the best preaching year ever for you!

What will you do?  Your congregation will be glad you did!

Paul Revere’s Big Idea

Filmed in Boston at the grave of Paul Revere.

Have you ever thought about Paul Revere’s message and the need for a clear Big Idea?

  • Why is having having a clear central idea important in a sermon?
  • What would it take for your next sermon to have a clear and compelling point and purpose?

Give it a shot and your listeners will rise up and call you blessed!

St. Elijah’s Monastery (Pictures)

Photos taken in 2009 at Saint Elijah’s Monastery, Northern Iraq.

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