5 Subscription Media Sites to check out for Chapel Services

Often when leading a chapel service, I look for helps to add creative elements that will help make my point and add some professionalism to the service.  In the Chaplaincy, we don’t have graphic designers and media people on staff, however there are many sites that offer yearly subscriptions with unlimited downloads of videos and other media content.

Here are my top 5 resources for Subscription Media sites.

Igniter Media –  This is one of my Favorite media sites.  You can get a membership of purchase ala-cart.  They have great quality videos, moving backgrounds, and slides for use with sermons or lyric slides.

Grace Way Media– This site has 1000’s of graphic resources geared for sermon series and announcements.  Great for professional marketing of Chapel events.

Centerline New Media – Another sites with various videos and themed backgrounds.  This sight has great seasonal elements.

Hyper Pixels Media The leased expensive subscription lots of unique media elements.  Countdowns, trivia games,and videos.

The Work Of The People (TWOTP) A media resource that has liturgical resources that go with the reading of the calendars.  Also various teaching clips from various thought leaders.  The media from this site has a little more rough style to it.  Lots of great content.

These sites are my top picks check them out and let me know what you think.

  • Do you have favorite sites that you go to for resources?
  • What do you find helpful to your ministry?