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Chap Talk is about encouraging better preaching.  Have you read a book, heard a quote, seen a resource, attended a conference or class, seen a site or blog and learned something that might help me or others in our preaching?  Let us know!  Comment below or send a note so that we can continue to help each other in this preaching journey.  Also if you would like to write a post see the section Write for ChapTalk.com.  If you are learning something or have resources that you would like to share let me know.  We can get better together.


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2 thoughts on “Have something to add?

  1. CH Moore, love the site! thanks for putting this together. (BTW, how did you get MH’s theme? You must be first in line!–I’ve been waiting to get it for a while).

    Have you read this article?


    Curious what you or others think about the TED 18min time standard for presentations. Obviously it’s different in preaching, but do you think the principle still applies for our preaching in contemporary contexts?

  2. Great to hear from you Pete! Hope all is well for you. I think there are things we can learn as we look at the TED talk. Clarity is key. Would love to hear you thoughts in a post!

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